Who We Are

At Christ the King we want to produce mature Christians who can discern the truth for themselves and communicate it effectively to a needy world. We seek to equip each person to understand and apply the Scriptures properly for himself and to develop Christians who can feed themselves from God’s Word as well as profit from good teaching. Our goal is not simply to give a people good teaching, but to enable them to supplement that teaching with their own appropriation of God’s Word, and to evaluate and hold their teachers accountable accordingly. We want people to follow us only so far as we accurately and faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

The Main Thing

This brings us to the  main thing and really the only thing that we offer. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If we are going to understand what that really means, we have to become proficient in understanding the Bible and applying it to our lives. But it is not the Bible that meets our needs, it is Jesus Christ in the gospel. It is not programs for this and that that address our real needs, it is Christ. Our problems and struggles ultimately come from the fact that we are sinners and sin has broken us. God’s answer to our sin is Jesus Christ and his work. He can free us not only from guilt but also from slavery to the sin that has gripped us and makes life empty and miserable. Our main commitment is thus to helping people understand the gospel and live out its implications in all of life. We do this by helping people understand how Christ and the gospel can change us from the inside out and begin to experience life as it was meant to be lived, with purpose and meaning based on the Creator’s Word to us.

We care about you no matter who or where you are in your spiritual life. We would love to have you join us, be fed, and work with us to reach out to our needy, hungry world.