CTK and its Bright Future

As we’ve been in the building for a little over two years now, we’ve undergone several changes.  Our church looks great, we set our goals high, and we have a congregation full of wonderful people.  As I’ve been a deacon, and been part of the congregation for a number of years, it never ceases to amaze me how awesome God’s power can be.  First, He blessed us with a building where we can have a “ministry base”. Coupled with that, we are blessed to have a pastor that loves his job.

Our growth is no coincidence, a feat that can only be done through God – through us. We are gifted and talented in so many ways and that has blessed our church and its congregation. This is where we come in.

As our church continues to grow we undoubtedly expand our influence with our gifts and abilities inside our congregation and out of it. Whether it’s having a heart for missions or you really enjoy playing with kids, we all play a role.  We have volunteer needs in nursery, lawn care, missions team, DITZ (name to be changed later), and other areas within the church that could use you.  I ask that you pray and see where God is leading you to serve.

Consider how far Christ the King has come – all the way from a Holiday Inn years ago (and back in it), to where we are now.  Thanks to God for that.  Since being at our physical location we have been able to help people of all walks of life more effectively inside and outside our congregation, and it’s been great to see.  God is doing great works through CTK and we want to continue that going forward.  If you feel that God is leading you in a direction in the church please contact myself, Chris Cope, or one of the Elders.  We would love to talk to you.

Imagine how far we can go in the next ten years.  Through Christ we can do many things!