Pray for Those Affected by the Tornado

Words cannot begin to describe how destructive the tornado on May 20th really was. It is tragic and sad; while we mourn and grieve for the lives lost we must also help those who are in need.  Christ the King is doing all that it can to do some good in the community by sending out volunteers and housing a group of workers that came from Michigan to assist in the cleanup.   During this time, every little bit helps and giving support to those who came such a long way is great.  MNA has also provided a link where you can go to donate proceeds.

Undoubtedly, many lives have been changed by this week’s events.  As we live our lives in the upcoming days, weeks, months, and years, consider praying for those in Moore that they be restored – and that the gospel can take root in their lives – that they can see Christ in our actions and deeds.   This cleanup isn’t about what denominations do it better, or how many people we can send out to the relief efforts. It’s bigger than that.  Let’s be the church and pray for those who have lost loved ones and their possessions.   Let’s help Moore and the places hit by a tornado rebuild.  Let’s rally behind the tornado victims and help them the best we can.

We can redeem a little bit of their lives through our actions.